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Friedrich Nietzsche

Whenever there have been powerful societies, governments, religions or public opinions- In short, whenever there was any kind of tyranny, it has hated the lonely philosopher; for philosophy opens up a refuge for a man where no tyranny can reach: the cave of inwardness; the labyrinth of the breast; and that annoys all tyrants.

Aaron Swartz

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it to themselves.

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PM Narendra Modi and the rise of India in the new world order

Well first of all, If you are reading this then I would like to present you with a good news. In fact, I’ll hit you up with two if it doesn’t take you to cheer up. If you are not smiling already then please don’t hold back because you are witness of History. This is going down in history books. India got independence in 1947. It was a moment of great pride for the nation that was attributed as “Sonay ki chidiya” (the golden bird) to come out from the oppression of millennia. Unfortunately, the sad state of affairs continued when Indian national congress led by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru reigned in. It was the same twisted notions of white people carried forward by Netas and Babus. India never really got independence. It was just a shift of top brass from British raj to Nehru family Raj.

Cut to 2014. Coming to power will full majority. NDA led government of Narendra Modi promised Acche Din. Taking down on the impeccable record of 60years of Nehru family Raj in general elections. Modi S…

What's on your idiotbox

Sex is used to sell anything and everything but buying and selling of sex is illegal. There is so much of sex on TV it is okay to feel uncanny. After doing a write up on Whats on your mind to uncover the secrets of the advertisement industry. We are here to look at some of the most hideous TV shows that pull off the dirt without hitting it to the naked eye. To the best understanding of the producers it is the easiest and fastest way of selling the commodity to the public without investing too much into creative skills. All you need to do is brush up your camouflaging skills to induce the minds of the viewers with aphrodisiac content and the results will follow. The banality is not the only problem with Indian television there's much more darker to TV that we see and justify to ourselves without realising how it casts a shadow over the society by subjugating us to the wrongdoings in the society. Here we see the list of shows that have made their way to the top using these skills.


To the woman I condone

What would the world be like without womanhood. I can't simmer down in that stream of thought. This is for the woman who have lived and loved in pain. The one who asks for nothing but always pours out love and strength in unconditional amount.

While most of the people are looking to be saved. There's always someone who is willing to take a leap of faith and cross the larger distance. It is the virtue of modesty that drives them the most amazing feats. However, they are more likely to be caught in the whimsical world of power and domination. The world takes spins and turns but woman hold the majestic grace of keeping the world still at her bay. Something that the will of masculine can never achieve. It is that charm that binds us to the beautiful existence of womanhood.

Recognise the one who is there for you without even letting you notice it. You will fall gently in her grace. Reach out to the one. She cries alone at night too often. The breaking point of vulnerability weighs…