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Gandiva speaks

Brahma (Creator)
Arjuna Can you feel the full weight of our heritage? The callings of duty and action, carved by sacrifices. They call us back to the beginning.

An Artifice conceived by Brahma.
Handed over to Shiva
Passed down to Prajapati
Progressed to the realm of Indra
Harboured by Soma
Succeeded by Varuna
Wielded by the mortal Arjuna.

Gandiva Speaks
Rising from the perils of Rannbhoomi
that fluctuates on the essence of Rta
The mighty bearer of Gandiva
His duty paramounts the threefold nature
of worldly affairs. 1.1

The sleepwalking populace on Earth
draped in a veil of darkness
lays extinguished with the opulence of the rising sun
Such is the strength that endures
the bearer of Gandiva into action. 1.2

As the great storms churn
the colossus oceans
Such is the concurrence of the Gandiva Dhari
Leaving for once, the trampling gauches baffled,
only to live eternally as a
tale of champions. 1.3

Recognising the duty
and hallowing forward in the chariot of A…
Recent posts

Who put the shariat in Kashmiriyat

Kashmir is breathtaking, The Kafirs are choked to death. The brewing unrest in Kashmir has not stopped the people from applying for government vacancies. This time it was Indian police services. In position for 700 police jobs, over 67,000 applications were registered. This comes right after the martyrdom of Lt. Ummer Fayaz who was kidnapped from an unsuspecting marriage ceremony of a relative.

A similar attack took place in Hyderpora when some unidentified militants attacked Jammu and Kashmir police constables after the routine namaz outside the mosque. Sajjad Ahmed succumbed to the injuries and paid a price of his duty. Another constable Shabbir Ahmed was shot outside his residence at Bogdun in Kulgam

As I continue to recount the deaths of servicemen, I'm reading the tragic news of 6 officers being killed by heavily armed terrorists in an ambush in Anantnag, South Kashmir. Sub-inspector Feroz Dar with his unit of 5 officers laid down their lives today. The rising attacks on the…

Lalleshwari: Life of Lal Ded and her vakh poetry

A cursory glance through the pages of Kashmir history reveals that this "Paradise of the world" has not produced only great kings like Lalitaditya ad Zain-Ul-Abidin, famous for their spirit of toleration and humanism, but also great saints and ascetics like Lalleshwari, Shah Hamandan, Sheikh Nur-ud-Din (popularly known as Nund Rishi), Roopa Bhawani and Jaman Ded. Lalleshwari, however, was the most leading of all saints and ascetics.
Long smeary hair and bare bodied, her appearance were fierce as a Bhairavi. She had discarded the social conventions and codes of behaviour to discover the truth through her spiritual quest. Every Kashmiri is proud of Lalleshwari for it was she who, centuries ago preached religious toleration by recognising only one god for all, Hindus whether Hindus or Muslims.

She said-  "Shiva is all-pervading (Present in each particle); never differentiate between a Hindu and Musalman. If you are shrewd and intelligent, know thy own self; therein lies yo…

The resounding glory of Dharmic renaissance

"We're all humans treat us as equals" cried a voice, terrified by the onslaught of his fellowmen, who had been captured by exalted officers working for the feudal lords of the land. The societies collapsed around the world. The redux of post-modern societies merged into a systematic complicity that led to chaotic disorder. However, this was different. Disconcerted, the people of the ransacked town of Sukma had gathered at night to share the plight and well-being of the community. The absence of the captured ones had the whole fraternity gripped in fear. The socially empowered feudal forces had evolved beyond a strength of the potential repair. This night of common truth had united the lost tribe.

Encircled around a fire. They sat down with subdued prudence. It was an occasion of geometric strength that the wild forest had never seen. There were echoing groans of wild animals in dampen atmosphere. The agony brought tears to the eyes of women who cradled their babies in a…

India against aadhar - Draft your MP

Inadequate laws, insecure network infrastructure, errors in authentication. This is not what your government wants you to acknowledge about the much-coveted project of Nandan Nilekani. A 12 digit number issued by Unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) is what government desperately needs to enforce order into the system that is depilated at the expense of multiple fake accounts. The question is are they actually able to achieve that with Aadhar or is it just another farce at play.

In an attempt to put up a face of robust and state of the art digital system for disposal of services that ensures cost-savings, denying services to the citizens who are not enrolled in an evasive set up of aadhar is one way to compromising individuals rights. Cancelling eligible beneficiaries and calling is savings is outrageous. Bursting this bubble of a greater good by putting the civil liberties at risk is highly derisive. Aadhar fall shorts on multiple fronts of privacy and security. data can…

Aadhar: State machinery for mass surveillance

If the machine of the government is of such nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
- Henry David Thoreau

Denial of treatment in government hospitals or no food for children enrolled in mid-day meal schemes, all the necessary means of survival could be denied. This is the reality of today. The government is clamping down heavily on rights of citizens, and there's a growing threat to civil liberties. If you want to build a toilet in your home with the assistance of Swacch Bharat scheme you need aadhar, if you are availing medical aid from Government or issuing a driver's license, then you must enrol for aadhar. From filing Income tax to issuing PAN card we need aadhar. By the time, you'll finish reading this post, the government would probably have linked couple more public services with aadhar. A system which was supposed to be purely voluntary for citizens is now turning into a quotidian exercise. India against aadhar…

Aadhaar: Privacy and Security Implications for One-Sixth of Humanity

Introduction Aadhaar, a populist brand name for a 12-digit Unique Identification Number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is the world's largest ID scheme. It is a biometrics-based Identification System which collects Iris scans, fingerprints of all ten fingers, and a photograph of the person. It also collects information such as name, gender, date of birth, the address of the individual, and optionally mobile and email address. This information is used to identify any individual uniquely.  This article will raise points on Aadhaar's security and privacy implications for 1/6th of world's population currently enrolled into its database.
Privacy Concern

There are many troublesome features, provisions, mandates and directives in Aadhar which make privacy of any citizen a myth. Furthermore, any non-compliance primarily results in either discrimination to non-holders or their criminalization (more details below, keep reading).
Aadhaar stores your most…