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Stand up Jammu: You're next.

In this blog post, we will examine the recent turn of events that has stirred a passionate resistance in Jammu against the divisive schemes of Islamists to haunt the Jammu Rajput Dogras and Sikhs for fostering faith in the constitution of India. An idea that serves multiplicity of beliefs, allows ample space to the diverse communities of Jammu and Kashmir like Hindus, Buddhists, sikhs, bakarwals, ahemdiyas mercilessly fails to break grounds in the valley because in Kashmir it is seen as highly aboriginal and doesn't seem to find a place in Islamofascist dictum, therefore, it is countered with Jihadi extremism. The brunt of which is borne by neighbouring place Jammu.

More than 50,000 people took to the streets in Kootah area of Jammu as part of "Dogra Swabhimaan Rally" to seek the intervention of a free and fair investigation by CBI of the Kathua Rape victim Asifa who caught the eye of storm in television media with placards conjuring signs of warning and with blaring keyw…
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Private appraisals

I was at PHD chambers of commerce and Industry office for an evening of awards and recognition of a company celebrating it's 25th Silver Jubilee Celebrations. By the time, the lady on the GPS announced our arrival, the show had already been started. It was a cultural performance starring Mrs Sudha Chandran and her team of young artists.

I remember I had first learnt about her in my general knowledge book in 4th standard. She was known as a lady with an artificial leg who never gave up her passion of classical dance for her amputated leg. Later on. she had signed up for some TV soap mother-in-law. I never thought I'd see her perform live.

I veered my way through the entrance to find a jam-packed audience with their smartphones out to record. I calmly entered and walked past to the last row near the projector room to find some odd space between guys who looked aptly annoyed with my entrance.

She was, moving her eyelids to the narration and her body moving to the rhythm of the m…

Padmavati and Bollywood's cultural pilferage

The Padmavati Film has hit the news with the raging controversy of the portrayal of Rani Padmini, The queen of Chittor. There’s a storm of protesters across India who have requested the government to ban the film because as it spuriously attempts to taint the image of Rajput queen in the taking poetic license of drawing her glorious life with Alauddin Khilji, a foreign invader. It gets murkier.

Karni Sena the primary Rajput organisation which is at the forefront of the revolt against the Bollywood film has succeeded in rallying to get states to stop screening the films to avoid the conflict of law and order with the rising anger of the masses with regard to distortion of history.

There are various groups in Rajasthan that claim to be associated with the descendants of Rani Padmavati in Rajasthan have similarly claimed the depiction of the queen as slanderous to the community.

Padmavati in Rajputana posterity
There is a deep sentiment of historic bloodlines in Rajput community that rev…

Flux the Police

I was out with my friend for the smoke break. We were puffing our cigarettes in a service lane. As usually we were discussing the happenings of the day when we saw a police officer got off his bike and walked towards the tea point. I picked out the lighter out of my pocket to light up next cigarette when my friend anxiously asked me to sit on the bike and did a bold stare requesting me to leave.

Noticing his discomfort "I didn't protest." We left the place before we could light another up. Now we parked our car in shady parking lot of the commercial complex. This is where I finally turned up and asked him the reason for this strange behaviour. First he tried to ignore my questions by passing silly excuses like he didn't have papers for pollution checked but we were not even riding the bike. We were only standing next to it. I pursued my interrogation diligently.

He shared his experience of running into argument with police when they asked for his identification paper…

Veer Savarkar: The watchword of Indian Revolution

The universal deceleration of Human Rights was adopted by UNGA on 10th December in 1948. As a result of World War II. It was a historic move in redressing the unprecedented war crimes that remained largely under the carpet of power corridors. It not only served as a shield for the war troops but also annexed political prisoners, whistleblowers, diplomats, social activists or any constitutional dispensation who served their purpose in the free world.

Recognising this basic human contention United Nations General Assembly's resolution 217 empowered the civil society at large. This was a defining moment for the human rights activists who floundered to establish new grounds in war-torn areas by attracting the international attention and thus mounting the pressure on countries in international relations with the template of Human rights issues. This is where the united world moved towards a civilised manual of action.

Life of Veer Savarkar
In Kalapani, a cellular jail of Andaman and N…

Gandiva speaks

Brahma (Creator)
Arjuna Can you feel the full weight of our heritage? The callings of duty and action, carved by sacrifices. They call us back to the beginning.

An Artifice conceived by Brahma.
Handed over to Shiva
Passed down to Prajapati
Progressed to the realm of Indra
Harboured by Soma
Succeeded by Varuna
Wielded by the mortal Arjuna.

Gandiva Speaks
Rising from the perils of Rannbhoomi
that fluctuates on the essence of Rta
The mighty bearer of Gandiva
His duty paramounts the threefold nature
of worldly affairs. 1.1

The sleepwalking populace on Earth
draped in a veil of darkness
lays extinguished with the opulence of the rising sun
Such is the strength that endures
the bearer of Gandiva into action. 1.2

As the great storms churn
the colossus oceans
Such is the concurrence of the Gandiva Dhari
Leaving for once, the trampling gauches baffled,
only to live eternally as a
tale of champions. 1.3

Recognising the duty
and hallowing forward in the chariot of A…

Who put the shariat in Kashmiriyat

Kashmir is breathtaking, The Kafirs are choked to death. The brewing unrest in Kashmir has not stopped the people from applying for government vacancies. This time it was Indian police services. In position for 700 police jobs, over 67,000 applications were registered. This comes right after the martyrdom of Lt. Ummer Fayaz who was kidnapped from an unsuspecting marriage ceremony of a relative.

A similar attack took place in Hyderpora when some unidentified militants attacked Jammu and Kashmir police constables after the routine namaz outside the mosque. Sajjad Ahmed succumbed to the injuries and paid a price of his duty. Another constable Shabbir Ahmed was shot outside his residence at Bogdun in Kulgam

As I continue to recount the deaths of servicemen, I'm reading the tragic news of 6 officers being killed by heavily armed terrorists in an ambush in Anantnag, South Kashmir. Sub-inspector Feroz Dar with his unit of 5 officers laid down their lives today. The rising attacks on the…