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What's on your idiotbox

Sex is used to sell anything and everything but buying and selling of sex is illegal. There is so much of sex on TV it is okay to feel uncanny. After doing a write up on Whats on your mind to uncover the secrets of the advertisement industry. We are here to look at some of the most hideous TV shows that pull off the dirt without hitting it to the naked eye. To the best understanding of the producers it is the easiest and fastest way of selling the commodity to the public without investing too much into creative skills. All you need to do is brush up your camouflaging skills to induce the minds of the viewers with aphrodisiac content and the results will follow. The banality is not the only problem with Indian television there's much more darker to TV that we see and justify to ourselves without realising how it casts a shadow over the society by subjugating us to the wrongdoings in the society. Here we see the list of shows that have made their way to the top using these skills.

Comedy Nights with Kapil / The Kapil Sharma Show

Comedy nights with kapil now know as The Kapil sharma show is full of scenes where kapil sharma is seen groping women, sexually painting women with stereotypes and making below the belt jokes.

The Kapil Sharma show on Sony entertainment network earlier aired as Comedy nights with Kapil on colors channel, is one of the highest rated TV shows on Indian television. The concept of the show is conspicuously inspired from english chat show The Kumars at no. 42 telecasted on the BBC network. The show revolves around the character Bittu Sharma and his deranged family. Most of Kapil Sharma's jokes pile on the issues of misogyny and breeds to depravity. The show celebrates the regressive attitude prevalent in the society that thrives on stereotypes and objectification. Mrs Sharma is berated for her looks and denounced for the actions of her family. This is one of the recurrent signs of emotional abuse in households that leads to domestic abuse. Men on the show cross dress to portray the role of women to ridicule aspects of femininity. The female guest actors wearing skimpy clothes are fawned upon for their body. To an eye it makes a normal comedy show until we realize the type of crude language used in the show that could be damaging for any individual.

Comedy Nights Bachao / Comedy Nights Live 

The roast comedy most commonly objectifies women with the type of storyline they choose. The show has a cheap sense of humor.

The show is divided in two segments where in one part it has adapts the concept of roast comedy and in the other Saturday Night Live. Both shows introduced by Comedy Central. Apart from having no creativity of its own the show is dull and doesn't get above par. The show is deemed vulgar for it's blatant use of grotesque comedy. There's no holds barred on the sexual innuendos. The women on the show are type casted and used for retaining attention of the viewers. There are subtle variations in camera angles that plots towards different themes. This show is well known for its abrasive and dirt cheap form of humour. The are women on the show who are objectified for their type of clothing and then their is the show runner Bharti Singh who can't stop herself from falling for any guest celeb on the show. It paints women in different colours for the type of dress they wear.

Crime Patrol

Crime patrol has come under the scanner for its degrading format of dramatising the sexual exploitation of women in forms of adultery, rape and other crimes.

It doesn't take days for a Crime Patrol video to start trending on Youtube. It's not because of it's storyline or cinematography but for the kind of thumbnails it has on its videos. The videos of Crime Patrol on Youtube attract millions of viewers not just from India but from other parts of the world. This type click baiting is not new to media agencies. The news channels and newspapers have always used erotic content to attract more viewership and readership respectively. Crime Patrol had the first movers advantage over the crime drama shows and it used its position certainly well after the crime shows on news channels was exhausted. It took to higher TV ratings which forced others to jump into the sphere of crime drama. Keeping the viewers vigil with it's explicit content. The show soars to be most watched crime shows on TV today for the kind of imagery around sex and foreplay between characters that builds to the theme of degradation of sexual fantasies. Crime patrol and savdhaan India has the highest keyword search based on sex, hot sexy images and foreplay.

Savdhaan India: India fights back

Savdhaan india and crime patrol feature hot and sexy clips to incite the viewers with steamy scenes of crime. It makes it more of a adult show than a crime/thriller show.

This is the second crime show that attracts the viewers after Crime Patrol. Even though they were the second to move in the crime drama category they capitalized on what Crime Patrol did more explicitly. Seeing the successful TRP ratings of Crime Patrol, this show came up with sharper and more subtle form of expression. They have not shied away from using sex to bring new stories of crime to people. The show dramatically hypes around the sexual encounters of people from different backgrounds. Since the show is based on real life stories, it has captured the imagination of people in more ways than possible. Featuring stories of incest, adultery, rape and more forms of crimes, it has banked hugely on the sexual themes by giving it neat theatrical spin offs. What attracts the people to these crime shows are not the general awareness but the perversion that creates a vivid feeling of stimulation that keeps the show going. The show propagates stories of taboo sensual themes that are centred mostly around incest, sexual promiscuity, rape and humiliation. These real life stories are dramatised to the point of innate sexual fantasies and passed off as safe to watch content in name of awareness and safety.

May I come in Madam

May i come in madam is a show based on a man's fantasy of her boss. It brings women to the same old stereotypes of being tossing between women of power.

The title of the show itself has a sexual connotation. The show is based on a life of a common man who struggles between his work and home. It showcases the deep seated fantasies of the man who is attracted to his boss. This show has placed been placed in the list for its of double entendres and offbeat humour. The relationship between the boss and employee shows traits of elite dominance and other characteristics which a man wishes to win over. It uncovers the many erotic fantasies of men at work which gets interpreted in different ways in the show. There are double meaning dialogues setting the tones of lust and prurience in the audience. It is one of the kind show that is made specifically for men.

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