Thursday, April 27, 2017

The resounding glory of Dharmic renaissance

dharma is time immemorial.

"We're all humans treat us as equals" cried a voice, terrified by the onslaught of his fellowmen, who had been captured by exalted officers working for the feudal lords of the land. The societies collapsed around the world. The redux of post-modern societies merged into a systematic complicity that led to chaotic disorder. However, this was different. Disconcerted, the people of the ransacked town of Sukma had gathered at night to share the plight and well-being of the community. The absence of the captured ones had the whole fraternity gripped in fear. The socially empowered feudal forces had evolved beyond a strength of the potential repair. This night of common truth had united the lost tribe.

Encircled around a fire. They sat down with subdued prudence. It was an occasion of geometric strength that the wild forest had never seen. There were echoing groans of wild animals in dampen atmosphere. The agony brought tears to the eyes of women who cradled their babies in arms; trying to hold still in the times of arrival. This union of grief had brought upon an eerie epiphany. The distance between the concessional society and an extinct civilisation is just one step.

The young men had briskly stepped out to check the fleet of search teams who were trying to apprehend the common folk on charges of treason. The night was long and chilly. The winds sparked the burned logs into a spring of fireworks. The times of arrival were shifting. The red beaming morsel travelled with an ecstatic semblance (vinyasa) etched onto an old rug near a shrine of a local deity. Sphooff! The fire crackled with a plume of liberating smoke.

"It's the rise of Dharma" a celestial announcement conjured the last strife of fire. Besieged by the fire and bolted by akashvani, the men went closer to the shrine. Bowing down into the cramped space, they paid obeisance to kula devi and took off the rug to find colossal swords with sharp blades. Arise and win or wither and perish. No other paths exist.

It can pierce through your senses and lenses to align you to the truth you may not want to hear. The synchronicity of Dharma. When you sink to its depth, it sets detour blazing through the lokas, However, these domains of magnificence lay reserved to the ones who can endure and match the immensity of eternal order. and  To inherit the truth is to carry it forward. A malingerer would be charred by harbingers of injustice. The sword of dharma shall prevail to harbour peace.

The sun shines every day.
What is there to this dearth?
The absence of a myriad liege
that can match the copious humility and strength
to wipe faces of remorse with brilliance
personification of compassion
the one who is the essence of the world.
The one dwelling in sweetness,
providing richness
and nutrition to beings,
who could overlook the copious might
If only you knew Narayana
What is there to this dearth?
where the upholder of Dharma is unrecalled.


A state of order that is all pervading and cannot be destroyed.

They have forgotten the words of ancestors. We are not looking for a place of togetherness or comfort but absolute bliss that can knock us out of our limited roles. The doors of fortune are open to those who dare to walk through it. Better a brief spell of courage than a long life of despair.

One person has learned to disagree; other has not. It is the point of friction that calls for immediate repair. Ask people if there's an end to human suffering. They would look back at you with disdain of trying to imagine the world without war. Ignorant to the nature of Dharma.

The silent forest was brought back to life. The men moved through the jungle with a ceremonious sound of the conch shell. It seemed like even animals had given up on their natural instincts and witness the spectacle. "Ahimsa, parmo dharma" "Seva parmo dharma" " and millennials, who have only sought brahman to infinite lengths; never fought because of the tradition of plurality. The societies would adapt different models of adherence but to be rooted in the knowledge of self is the only way to realise one's Swadharma. If the friction of social forces is not meted out with peace then the war becomes inevitable.

The circumstances might be different, the nature of war may vary from place to place. It is as silly as a child's play which could be overlooked but when the play turns from a foolish squabble to intermittent rage it leads to degradation of human values. It's time to accept the duty. The battle men recounted their prayers and veered off. The Swaraj is only available to the ones who taste the sweetness of freedom, seek nothing else.

Core teachings

Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha  धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: । 

Speculation of verity falters curious ones into the dungeons of mendacity. Only the one with courage can cross the ocean not the one who speculates the ocean from the shore. Dharma empowers the seekers into action. This is how the men waged into the forest without tinkering off to other means of accord which would result in slavery or death at worse.

Duty is an obligation you owe to yourself, to those who stand beside you, and to those who stand behind you. The men eliminated down the guards of feudal lords with the swords quenching the blood of power hungry maniacs. The local authorities beaten into submission were forced to leave. It was then the land was reclaimed by the original inhabitants of the soil. It was a moment of huge celebration. The captured people who were tormented in extreme conditions were released.

Veer Bhogya Vasundhara वीर भोग्य वसुंधरा

The brave shall inherit the lands. This is what happens when the men of honour and ethics trample down an oppressive state to regain harmony. A moment of reckoning for all. To inherit tomorrow, fight today. To win today, claim tomorrow. Only the brave hearts who realise their Swadharma can attain fulfilment. Cowardice claims a thousand defeats; courage gains a thousand victories. The men on both sides may perish but only the latter will conquer. To follow the codes and study the game is the tapasya (penance) of righteous men and for that, they shall be revel in the assembly of heroes.

This is how the Dharma serves as a foundation of our heritage that is the source of our longevity.