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Who put the shariat in Kashmiriyat

Kashmir is breathtaking, The Kafirs are choked to death. The brewing unrest in Kashmir has not stopped the people from applying for government vacancies. This time it was Indian police services. In position for 700 police jobs, over 67,000 applications were registered. This comes right after the martyrdom of Lt. Ummer Fayaz who was kidnapped from an unsuspecting marriage ceremony of a relative.

A similar attack took place in Hyderpora when some unidentified militants attacked Jammu and Kashmir police constables after the routine namaz outside the mosque. Sajjad Ahmed succumbed to the injuries and paid a price of his duty. Another constable Shabbir Ahmed was shot outside his residence at Bogdun in Kulgam

As I continue to recount the deaths of servicemen, I'm reading the tragic news of 6 officers being killed by heavily armed terrorists in an ambush in Anantnag, South Kashmir. Sub-inspector Feroz Dar with his unit of 5 officers laid down their lives today. The rising attacks on the ground is a sign that the government is failing to take effective measures. Apart from shutting down the internet to clamp down on the organised mobs, there's lack of concrete action in the political spectrum. A public apology from Dangal actress Zaira Wasim to draws attention the beleaguered youth. The government has not been able to take the youth into confidence. A military drill is not the only solution in Kashmir.

Concealing the ambitions of the aspirational youth of Kashmir under motif of skewed religious protocols, the separatist forces have impinged the youth by alienating them for their own personal endeavours. This domineering identity of Sunni Kashmiri being under threat has alarmed the war circles of Jihad. Islamic terrorists who dictate Kashmiriyat to rest of India stop talking about the composite culture of Kashmir when all they truly stand for is Shariat. Kashmiriyat and Shariat can't go hand in hand. Kashmiri separatist dictate sharia in the name of kashmiriyat. A hijacked identity will never allow a free thought to spawn. If the government doesn't undertake a long-term strategy, the youth will naturally slip towards the streaming paraphernalia of Islamic state.

Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar E Taiba are actively recruiting people to wage jihad until the Islamic republic is established in an independent Kashmir. It has come at the cost of threats to the Hurriyat leaders who are engaging with the New Delhi spectrum to hold talks of political resolution in Kashmir. The guns can be pointed towards any direction. Zakir Musa, a leading terrorist after breaking away from Hizbul warned separatists to distance themselves from the democratic parties or to face repercussions.

Jihadi leader Musa released an audio in which he called for unity among militant and separatist forces. He categorically stated that he's ready to stand beside anyone who believes in Shariat or Shahadat (Islamic rule or martyrdom) As long as the government will not cover ground to destablize the hate spewing sepratist establishments.

Meanwhile, the 40,000 Rohingya Muslims who had settled illegally in Jammu are still a task for the government. The immigrants are living off the expenses of government in a state where the face of exile is not new. The imbalance in the religious demograhic can easily flare up a new storm in the state. On top of it, the plight of Kashmiri Pandits is turning into a political hyperbole into the noisy news channels of the media. The demand for a separate homeland lies dusted in the compounds of the home ministry. The only way to restore peace in Kashmir is to resettle the Kashmiri Pandit community back in the valley. The government has slept on a volatile Kashmir, leaving the army to do its job without backing them up with a solid plan.

After 27 years, there's still no justice for Kashmiri Pandits. The mass murder Bitta Karate who admitted killing Kashmiri pandits roams free. The systematic disintegration of kashmiriyat that kashmiri pandits upheld has casted a shadow on disbelief in the hearts of Indians that can't be retraced by the bellowing elitests of New Delhi. The justice awaits.

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